Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple

There are sub temples inside the temple. The deity of the sub temples are installed in the year 1975.


Worshiping of Yogiswaran is equal to the devi.So among the subdeities, more importance is given to yogiswaran.There is a thekkathu behind the Mudipura.Later it changed to yogiswaran temple.

They worship a peedam with the sack of holy ash,rudrakshamala and a broomstick.The peedam of yogiswaran and Ulakudayaperumal is in the same place.There is a sword placed in the peedam of Ulakudaperumal.The peedam shows the spirit of sivan and sword shows the spirit of devi. Now the subtemples is situated in the southeast part of the temple.


Vigneswaran is placed in the primary part to the southwest of the temple.


The deity of Ayappan is similar to the deity in sabarimala. This is placed in the east part of the temple.


The god "Mahanathan" is the part of Lord shiva.Later it is shortened to Madanthamburan.The place of Madanthamburan is on the east part of the temple.


The panchanagangal is placed on the northeast part facing to the west

There is a kavu infront of the Nagar.The trees like panachy,Nagadhanthi are in the surrounding areas of the temple.