Temple Activities - Nazhikakallukal:-

The sub deity installation in Udiyannoor devi temple was done in 1975. Since 1979,the kuruthi pooja was done by the Brahmin priest.In accordance with the deity day,the deity of the devi is carried on the elephant.But this function has been stopped for some days.Later it has been restarted on 1982. An auditorium named Devi was constructed in 1986.The Auditorium is given for rent to conduct marriages and other social activities.

By considering the importance of Udiyannoor devi temple,the Kerala govt declared 6 muncipality ward as festival area.Now it includes 10 muncipality ward and 2 panchayath.The temple includes the ward of Thiruvanathapuram muncipality and panchayath.

In 1992 August,an Thanka Anki was made and wored it to the devi.Human welfare policy known as Dharmika policy was started in the year 1993.The construction of second auditorium named Punartham was completed in the year 1994.The Shilasthapanam of the chuttambalam was done in 1995 and construction began within two months.On 2nd May of 1998 the chuttambalam was dedicated to devi.In 1998,at the last of December Aanakottil,the major door of gopuram and the eastern gopuram were constructed in the Udiyannoor devi temple.

According to the pothuyogam formed in the year 2000 of january decided to provide the temple auditorium to conduct the marriage of the committee member's children with half rate as per the norms.The decision became very useful for the members.In accordance with the festival of 2000,Maharani Karthika thirunal Lekshmibhai thirumanssu published an audio casette named Udiyanooramma on 5th may.

In 18th August 2000,A full Thanka anki was worn to devi.In south Kerala there are only few temples which have a Full thankayanki for the deity.The devotees can give this beautiful thanka anki to devi as a vazhipadu. Devaprashnam was held on August 2001 with the decision of pothuyogam.The solutions for the Devaprashanam was done on November 2001 itself.Ambalapuzha puthumana illam sreedharan namboothiri was appointed as the temple priest due to the death of the former temple priest.Ashatabandhu kalasha pooja was done with the involvement of Sreedharan namboothiri.