Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple

The priest who does the kuruthi pooja must wear new clothes and conduct the pooja by facing to north. The priest made the holywater by using the shell.After that they are conducting the Ganapathy pooja and peeda pooja.On the both side of the peeda which was infront of the kaavu,devi and Chamundi are placed.Also the followers of this devi are placed on their both sides by imagining that they are in the Jala,ganga,pushpa,Dhoopa,Deepa and Nivethya.The poojas are done using them.The pooja is also done infront of the Madanthamburan and also infront of devi.It is done by collecting the poopada.It is believed that poopada is conducting for imagining the spirit of devi.Also piniyalirthuka is an ritual followed during the ancient days."Piniyal" is the meaning of ”sick person”.The priest spray the holy water,show the holy smog and gives the flower to the hand of the person who was sick.

The pranaprathishta is done by considering the basic goddess of kuruthi pooja.After that the prasanna pooja is also done.They are fixing the pantham in the kuruthi plate,kavu,peeda and poopada.The pushparchana is done by saying the manthras.The instruments are played during this time.The women are making the voice with their tongue and also men are making happy loud voice during the kuruthi pooja.

The kuruthi pooja starts after the prasanna pooja and Deepararadhana.First the kuruthi is done infront of the Madanthamburan and then to the followers and atlast to devi.In ancient days kuruthi pooja is done in between 5pm to 7 pm.

Today’s kuruthi pooja

The sword imagined as the spirit of devi and kept in the peedam for pooja.After that they are placed in the kuruthi kalam.After that Brahmarpanam and kuruthi pooja is done.By imagining yakshi,they conducted poopada and by imagining Madanthamburan they conducted kuruthi tharppanam.after the kuruthi it was taken to the panthal.All these things are dedicated to the god by using varapodi and tender coconut.The poojas are ended by Ninam[blood]which is equal to that of flesh.BackRead More