Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple


From the ancient days,the kuruthi was conducting in the temple as a vazhipadu.In the olden days the Kuruthi is done by cutting the goat and hen. The janthubali is banned in the Thiruvithamcore district during the rule of Regend Maharani from the year 1099 till 1107.The rule had to be followed by the temple.In that era,prohibition is an important culture. Generally,the Kuruthi pooja is conducting in the Bhadrakali temple. The Kuruthi is conducted along with the janthubali,which was done by the non brahmin priest.Only a few temples are conducting the Kuruthi as a important pooja.The Kuruthi pooja is done in the northeast part of sreekovil. A kavu is made by planting the banana tree and the branch of ilanji containing leaves,decorated with tender leaves and flowers. A peedam is placed and imagined as devi.The peedam is covered with silk,rice,coconut and kamukinpoovu.These are the things placed on the peeda. Also by imaginating devi,the Nandhakam sword is placed on the peedam in a slanting position.On that day,as a part of kuruthi vazhipadu,muzhukappu and ada are dedicated to devi. The kuruthi pooja starts after the ada nivedhyam and deeparadhana. The priest is doing the poojas by facing to north.Five kuruthi plates are kept for pooja.Among them one is kept infront of the Madanthamburan.That plates are filled with pure water and flowers.This was closed before starting the pooja. The pooja is done by imagining devi as yakshi and an poopada is kept on the right side of the priest.

There are four pradhishtas like Indrani, Devi, Vaishnavi and Varahi. Somebody says that the four kuruthi plates are kept by imagining these four goddess. But we can't agree with this,because they are the goddess of peace and prosperity. The seven mothers like Brahmi, Vaishnavi, Maheswary, Indrani, koumari, Varahi, Narasimhi are described in devi mahathmyam. The Durga devi originated as Chamundi for killing chanda and Mundasuran.Chamundi also having the same killing power as Durga devi.The combination of Durga and Bhadra is the deity of Udiyanoor devi temple.So the middle two kuruthi plates are for Bhadrakali and Chamundi.The other two plates are for their followers.

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