Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple

The property of Pallichandra family,became the property of devi.The pallichandra’s property later on became the property of bhagavathy pandaravaka karamozhivu.The previous Thiruvithamcore district formed a basic tax rule.According to that tax rule,the tax is also formed for the mudipuravilakam,the place where the temple is situated.The book named "Sri Udiyanoor Bhagavathy Sthothram" says that “Parvathy was the wife of Neelakandan and they had 7 children. He left his body at the age of 82 and soul was joined with the deity. This is described in a book which was written by the moth Baladhandayudapani and published by sri.Parameswaran pilla belonging to the family of Neelakandan in the year 1121.


According to the belief,the Mudipura was originated during the Christ period 1800. The roof of the building was built using the coconut leaf.Infront of the building,there is a hall and an installation room.At that time there was no “deity” in the temple.In the northeast part there is a Chavadi and in the northwest part there is an Urakalam and a store room.Around the building there was a mud compound wall covered with coconut leaf.

In the installation room there are four places for the deity (Peedam).Among that Devipeedam has a mirror, with the horn of the deer, lance, Nandakam sword and also a small deity of the devi made up of bronze.This Mudipura became a public worship place. Everything is done according to the instruction of devi,she gave the instructions in someones dream.

The regulations of the reconstruction of this temple was made during the Christ year 1956.According to the advice of devi,while reconstructing the Mudipura they will get a bell.The construction was started at that time. Also devi said that during that work they will get a deity and it should be kept safe without any movement. Likewise they found a deity with a size of 31*21.

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