Astamangalya is usual in auspicious occasions as per Hindu rites and rituals. What is Astamangalya?

The custom of rice putting rice not removed its covering, rice, arrow, vilakku, valkannadi, bunch of coconut flower, ‘cheppu’ (small box) etc in a thalam(plate made of copper) is Ashtamangalyam.

Who are Ashta Lekshmis?

They are Dhana Lekshmi, Vidya Lekshmi, Raja Lekshmi, Keerthi Lekshmi, Dhairya Lekshmi, Vijaya Lekshmi, Savrya Lekshmi, and Dhyana Lekshmi.

Pooja for removing troubles in house (Griha doshanivaranam)

If the house in which we live is not beneficially transformed in measurement as ‘Vaasthu Sasthra’ prescribed it will lead to loss of money, difficulties of children, diseases and such other difficulties. ‘Grihadoshanivarana Pooja’ is performed in order to get relief to please God so as to remove troubles in a house.