The greatness of ‘annadana’ (serving free food)

The result of ‘annadana’ is not equivalent to thousand tuskers, thousand horses used for war, one crore cows, navarathnas embedded in gold ornaments, land having an extent of sea and assignment of land ‘annadana’ is so much important.

What is intended by devaprasna carried out in temples?

We think about devaprasna when there is some real difficulty faced in the management of a temple. When there was something knowingly or unknowingly happened from the part of poojari, administrators, or other workers in contrary to customs and rites of temples the devaprasna in sought to find remedy for that.

When a temple becomes impure?

Human death or birth, death or birth of other animals in the temple, waiting of the ground of t he temple with urine or blood, the persons who is having ‘pula’ or ‘valayma’ enters into the temple, or creatures like dog, vulture, owl, crow, pig, jackal, monkey etc, having in the ‘garbhagriha’, or womenentering into the temple having impurities etc will result in the impurity of the temple. The above may happen without our knowledge. But we should not do it knowingly. ‘Punyaham’ is performed as a remedy for it.

Bee have in temple, ant-nest etc seen in temples, heat conducting in the idol, falling of the idol, breaking of the ‘angas’ of the idol, stoppage of pooja without any reason, defects in the construction of temple, defects in the ‘vigraha’, losing or stealing property of the temple etc will lead to anger of God. It is the duty of each devotee to see that such things are not happened.