The eight ‘angas’ are chest, temple (forehead), word, mind, anjali (folded hands), eyes, knees, and feet. The feet, knees, chest, and temple are only touched when we practice ‘Sashtanganamaskaram’. The hands are to be extended folding ahead laying as such. This ‘anjali’ with folding hands is the fifth ‘anga’ and the word in praise of God is the sixth anga. The eye seeing God (Goddess) is the seventh ‘anga’, mind pondering over god (goddess) is the 8th ‘anga’ and the ‘Sashtanga’ is to be practiced in the above manner. It is stated in a few old ‘Puranas’ that ‘Sashtanganamaskara’ is not to be practiced in a temple which faces the southern or northern direction.

What is Brahmamuhurtha?

     Brahmamuhurtha starts at the time before 48 minutes from the sunrise. At this time Brahma’s muhurtha his wife Saraswathy awakes and does her duty. We should awake at the time at which brahma muhurtha begins. It is the apt time at which we can begin a day.

The action (matters) prohibited at Thrisandhya

Combing of hair, eating, receiving guest, learning, bathing, giving wealth, rice and oils, giving tools for work, going out, quarrelling, enjoyments etc are prohibited. We have to lit nilavilakku and chant name at thrisandhya.


The presence of Sree Parameswara is in the rudraksha. It is stated that wearing of rudraksha that is too prescribed will lead to difficulties than Goddess. It is having some medicinal use. The person who wears rudraksha should not use fish, meat, and other intoxicating substances. The modern science says that many serious diseases can be caused by using rudraksha. It is said that if it is used properly it will lead to get Chaithanya of God and in that manner we will get moksha and benefits.