We give much importance to vishukani among kanis(sight). It is oberved in the first day of meda month. Kani (sight) is to be seen not opening eyes by waking up. The substances offered in the kani are kanikonna flower, gold, rice, jack fruit, mango, cuccumber, red cloth, mirror, jasmine lit nilavilakku picture of sreekrishna, cocus fruits etc. vishukaineetam is to be given to youngsters by aged people and it is to be observed as a custom. The youngsters should respect aged ones by touching their feet. Food served in plantain leaf is to be consumed.

The importance of Nilavilakku

           Nilavilakku can't be excluded in customs and rites. Nilavilakku is lit in all auspicious occasion and in poojas. Nilavilakku having two shelves made of bronze is better to lit light in homes. Lights should not be lit in thookkuvilakku having decoration, charcoal-sticked, broken, oil-leaking and having more shelves. It is not fair to lit light having one wick. Two wicks united putting towards one direction is to be lit. One deepam is to be put eastwards and westwards. More than two deepams(lights) are used in temples and in poojas.  If three wicks are used they are to be lit East, West and North. It is not fair to lit one wick in southwards hitting of lights in  stone vilakku  are to be  started from  North side and after litting the last trick the person litting should come back not completing pradakshinam. litting off the deepam used. Nilavilakku should not be lit off by blowing air. The wick is to lit off by moving the wick and immersing it in oil. We should be vigilant that the burning wick is not to be allowed to go out for want of oil.
The baisic routines Particle by a Hindu
1. Wake up in Brahmamuhoortha.
2. Family members assemble together when food in take and offering prayer.
3. Thulasithara is to be there in each house.
4. Go out of the house after it is informed.
5. Guests are to be received with respect.