The importance of Koovalam

This tree is important to please God Siva. The leaves of the tree are much important to offer Pooja to Siva. The Koovalam tree should not be cut and destroyed. It is advisable to lit deepam under the tree daily by cleaning its surroundings. The petals of Koovalam may not be plucked one by one.


Murajapam means reciting Veda. King Marthanda Varma observed murajapam in the Kollavarsham 926 as penance as he killed enemies, to conquer provincial states. It continues now a day also. When five years are completed two Bhadradeepam in each year and in the sixth year there would be 12th murajapa performed. Murajapa having religious ceremony on rites of 56 days is divided into 8 days each and there would be 7 turns. The muraja and murajapam are repeated with in a limited period carried out in dawn and dusk. Jalamurajapa which is done immersing up to knee of the body in water is performed by reciting 108 times for destroying enemies. The seeveli which is done in 56th day on completion of murajapa is called lekshadeepam.


            There is presence of goddess Lekshmi at the end, Goddess saraswathi in the middle and god-mahavishnuu at the right side of our palam of the hand and hence we should look at the palms unfolding by reciting the prayer:-

Karagre vasathe lekshmi
 karamadhya saraswathi
 karamoole govindam
 prabhathe karadarshanam”