Thidampu Ezhinallippu

The idol taken out from the temples in temple ceremonies is called “Thidampu.” It is done instead of vigraha taking out in procession.


Vritham is to be practiced at least 1 week before with mental and physical purity before Ponkala. The rice food is to be taken only once in the previous day of Ponkala. Paduka is to be offered to God Ganapathi near the “Ponkala aduppu.” There are avil, pori, flower, betel leaf, areca nut, karpooram, agarbarthi, nilavilakku, niranazhi, water and flower in kindi, jaggery in the Padukka.

Ponkala offered by women is important than mahayagas performed as prescribed. We will get full result by offering Ponkala. The elements contained in the human body of panchabootha are put together. We get “ananda” and mud pot represents earth, rice and other elements like sky, fire, air and water. The real Ponkala is called naivedya. The Aurveda acharyan opine that toxins in the body are removed when Ponkala is offered.

Kavadi and Palkavadi (Kavadi contain milk)

According to a legend, once Sage Naradha visited the divine court of Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash. At that time, Lord Shiva was with His consort, Goddess Shakthi and their two children Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya. Sage Naradha gave Lord Shiva a Mango fruit and told that it was a special fruit, the fruit of Wisdom. Lord Shiva wanted His children to have the fruit of wisdom. However, when He offered it, both Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya refused to share the fruit and wanted it to have fully for themselves.Then, it was decided that among the two children whoever completes circumventing the Earth first, will get the fruit.Accepting the challenge immediately, Lord Subramanya, using his divine vehicle Peacock, started the journey.