Temples are centers ever existing for the cause of blessings to the whole world and there exists the Chaithanya of God and they are centers of sagnnopasana. Idols having names and forms and other specifications are consecrated as the common men are not able to see the formless God who is pervading in every living and non living things. The construction of Temples are done for getting fruitful results by performing bhakti to God in one’s own life. Temples are our minds. They are social, cultural and godly centers supplying aiswarya to the country.  We, our family, our country and people will get aiswarya by performing customs and rites and rituals relating to temples and copying them as such they are prescribed.

            Temples are thought of in the place of human body. Sreekovil is considered as head, kodimaram is considered as backbone, balivattam is considered as face, namaskaramandapam is considered as neck, the main stone on which the sacrifices are offered is considered as the navel, the hands are nalambalam, the way  through which the procession is taken as abdomen, the walls around are knees and the kshetra-gopura is considered as feet.     

Stones on which sacrifices offered  

Stones on which sacrifices are offered are important parts of a temple code. They are moorthis of Deva chaithanya. They always surround Deva chaithanya. We shouldn’t put feet on the stones. We needn’t show respect by touching it if we put our feet in it unknowingly.

Nirmalya Darshanam  

            Seeing of yesterday’s God (Goddess) in early morning in decoration is called Nirmalya Darshanam. Abhisheka is done on idols immersed or covered with flowers and leaves of herbal and medicinal plants with pure water from well in the Temple. The Bhaktas take and consensus this theertha or pure water used for Abhisheka perfumes like ashes or bhasma and chandana are applied in important places called marma of the body. Bhaktas get vigilance in the field of athyatma and also physically, intellectually, and mentally seeing or looking nirmalya.