Dhwaja prathishta:-

The devotees of Sree Udiyannoor devi wish that the installation of the golden flagstaff was done on all the ritual manners in 21 may 2004.The sculptural architect Thalayolaparambu Sri.P.G.Ramachandran menon was the guide for the construction of Dhwajam.The installation of this has been done with the presence and control of temple priest Sree.D.Sreedharan namboothiri and the top priest Sree.Ehswaran namboothiri.Ashta- dikhpalakar,Vethalam(the vehicle of Bhadrakali)were constructed by the carpenter Thaliyal Sree Chellappan. The constructions of the golden flagstaff was done in the control of carpenter Sree A. Rahman and Moothashari Thottarathu Sree.T.P. Mohananan.Around 55 lakhs of expenditure is needed for the installation of Dhwajam. The temple uses the money and the golds given by the devotees for this purpose.

In 23rd April 2007 the reinstallation of Sree Durgadevi and Sree Mahaganapathi were made with the presence and control of the temple priest Sree Goshala Vishnu Vasudevan Namboothiri and the other famous priests. The deity of vethalam was placed on the top of the goldenstaff on 26th April . Sree udiyannooramma blesses the devotees in two statues (Sree Bhadrakali and Sree Durga devi) at a time.

The devotees next wish is to build the Chuttuvilakku. The dedication of this happened in December 2007.The chuttuvilakku is made with 2440 deepams. This was made with teak wood and this decision was taken by Sree Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboothiri.

Other Activites:-

In a year two crops are cultivating in the 2.3 acres of paddy field in this temple. For the cultivation of crop the temple buy the seeds from karamana paddy research centre. The cowdung from the temple diary farm, ashes, etc are the basic composte for Cultivation, we use only a small amount of chemical fertilizers and insecticides for this purpose .We get the facility of water and also the blessing of Devi.So our cultivation becomes a big success. We are using this rice for adavazhipadu and the hay is used as food for the cows in the diary farm.

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