Sree Udiyannoor Devi Temple

Udiyanoor Devi temple is located at the shore of Killiyar in Ananthapuri.udiyannoor This temple is about 1300 years old.Udiyannoor Devi temple is one of the rare temples which is facing to the north.The temple is decorated with the ancient style of art works. This temple is the shelter place to lakhs and lakhs of devotees in Trivandrum and also for the devotees from other states.The increment of the devotees in this temple shows that,nothing is impossible when we pray to Udiyannoor Devi.

Devi who carries weapons in her four hands shows the gestures of Shiva and Vaishnava. Indrani, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Ganapathy, Yogeeswaran, Sastha, Sree Madan thampuran and Nagaraja are the various sub deities in this temple.The temple is ruled by the karayogam.There are 271 persons in the committee.From that 4 members were selected as the executive members and they are ruling the temple.

Festival is conducting in the Malayalam month of Meenam and Medam.The major festivals are Ulakudayaperumal Urootu mahotsav,Thrikkodiyettu,Pongala mahotsav etc.There will be a huge gathering of devotees in the festival days.In the festival days the Kerala government declares the local wards such as Vattiyoorkavu,Kanjirampara,P.T.P Nagar,Valiyavila, Thirumala, Poojapura. Vazhuthacaud, Shasthamangalam, Kowdiyar and Mannamoola as the festival areas.

The government is also declaring the village panchayath such as Vattiyoorkavu and Kudappanakunnu as the festival regions. During the time of festival days, from morning 7 am proper bus facilities will be there from Trivandrum to Udiyannoor devi temple from every bus station. There will be annadhanam in the festival days.

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